Ready for Pick-Up or Delivery in Four Hours

Same Day Catering

Hot & Ready Whenever You Are

Our same-day catering is ready for pick-up or delivery within 4 hours.

Appetizers /

BURRATA BRUSCHETTA [$50 serves 4-6][Gioia] burrata, oven roasted tomatoes & salsa macha [Rye Goods] Black sesame sourdough$50.00
ITALIAN CHEESE & CHARCUTERIE [$65 serves 6-8]Finocchiona [salami flavored w. fennel pollen & black pepper] w. dehydrated persimmon cacciocavallo [mild, complex Sicilian cow’s milk] w. piparras garlic & Parmesan Focaccia$65.00

Salads /

BRIGHT GREENS SALAD [$68 serves 4-6]Assorted baby lettuces, mint, shaved fennel, pickled Fresno chiles & cucumber vinaigrette$68.00
CAESAR SALAD [$66 serves 4-6]little gem lettuce, Italian parsley, sourdough breadcrumbs, Meyer lemon zest & classic Caesar dressing$66.00
GREEN GODDESS SALAD [$78 serves 4-6]Little gem, chives, cilantro, mint & basil, queso fresco, avocado, pepita breadcrumbs & jalapeno lime vinaigrette$78.00
SAVORY CHICORIES SALAD [$70 serves 4-6]Endive, radicchio, frisee, Castelvetrano olives, pecorino romano, hazelnut pangratatto, Sherry vinaigrette$70.00
WILD ARUGULA & ARTICHOKE SALAD [$78 serves 4-6]Parmesan reggiano, toasted pine nuts & preserved lemon vinaigrette$78.00

Pasta /

BUCATINI ALL’AMATRICIANA [$46 serves 4]Hollow spaghetti shaped pasta, guanciale, pomodoro, oregano & pecorino romano$46.00
LASAGNE CALABRESE [$60 serves 6-8]Organic egg yolk pasta, Sausage ragu, bechamel, mozzarella & pecorino romano$60.00
LUMACHE E SALSICCIA [$60 serves 4]Twisted tube shaped pasta, fennel sausage, pomodoro, pepperonata & cacciocavallo$60.00
MAFALDINE POMODORO [$42 serves 4]Wide pasta w. ruffled edges, fresh tomato, sliced garlic, olive oil, basil w. parmesan reggiano$42.00
RIGATONI BOLOGNESE [$60 serves 4]Beef short rib ragu, Italian parsley & parmesan reggiano$60.00
TONNARELLI CACIO E PEPE [$42 serves 4]Square shaped spaghetti, parmesan reggiano, pecorino romano, & toasted black pepper$42.00

Pantry Staples /

CHILE DE ARBOL HOT SAUCE [$14 ea.]Tomatillos, dried chiles, cider vinegar, garlic, cumin & salt$14.00
FRESH PASTA [$13 pound]Rigatoni, fusilli, bucatini & tonnarelli$13.00
GUAJILLO MOJO [$14 ea.]Tomatillos, guajillo chiles, garlic, cumin & salt$14.00
PICKLED FRESNO CHILES [$12 ea.]Fresno chiles, garlic, sugar, distilled vinegar & salt$12.00
PICKLED RED ONION [$10 ea.]Red onion, distilled vinegar, thai chili, Mexican oregano, sugar & salt$10.00
SALSA MACHA [$19 ea.]Dried chiles, peanuts, pepitas, sesame seeds, organic sunflower oil, cider vinegar, dried shrimp, Garlic, Mexican oregano & salt$19.00

Desserts /

BIRTHDAY CAKE [$65 ea]Vanilla sponge cake w. vanilla bean buttercream & sprinkles or Devil’s food chocolate cake w. chocolate buttercream$65.00

Hot & Ready Whenever You Are

Our same-day catering is ready for pick-up or delivery within 4 hours. 

We require a minimum of 4 hours for our same-day catering menu. Items can be picked up or delivered. 

Please include your desired date/time in the order notes and we will confirm before finalizing your order. You will need to order before 11am if you’d like that order that day. The more notice you give us, the more likely we can accommodate your preferred day/time.